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Contextual and intellectual understanding of Islam. Philosophical, inter-religious and inter-cultural dialogue. The quest for essence, science, consciousness and quintessence.

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  • The greatness of a nation...

    05 May 2013 ( #Verbatim )

    The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong. An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind. Where there is love...

  • Dynamic Conformity - Our Brave New World

    20 May 2013 ( #Verbatim, #Magazine )

    “Our "increasing mental sickness" may find expres­sion in neurotic symptoms. These symptoms are con­spicuous and extremely distressing. But "let us beware," says Dr. Fromm, "of defining mental hygiene as the prevention of symptoms. Symptoms as such are...

  • Meteorite Found in Antarctica May Help Reveal Secrets of Life on Mars

    17 May 2013 ( #Miscellaneous )

    May 3, 2013 by Natali Anderson Geologists led by Dr Lydia Hallis from the University of Hawaii have examined a meteorite that formed on Mars more than 1 billion years ago to determine if conditions were ever right on the planet to sustain life. Miller...

  • How to Resurrect Lost Species

    17 May 2013 ( #Miscellaneous )

    Genetic experiments could bring back extinct animals. A pipette that's being used to manipulate cloned cow embryos. Photograph by Mauro Fermariello, Science Source Brian Switek for National Geographic News Published March 10, 2013 Will we ever see...

  • Death-Defying Trick: Cells Return From the Brink of Death

    08 May 2013 ( #Miscellaneous )

    Date: 24 October 2012 This Research in Action article was provided to LiveScience in partnership with the National Science Foundation. Apoptosis, sometimes called "cellular suicide," is a normal, programmed process of cellular self-destruction. It helps...

  • The Fabric Of The Cosmos - Space, Time, Matter & Universe

    10 May 2013 ( #Miscellaneous, #Videos )

    The Fabric Of The Cosmos 1/4 - What Is Space? The Fabric Of The Cosmos 2/4 - The Illusion Of Time? The Fabric Of The Cosmos 3/4 - Quantum Leap The Fabric Of The Cosmos 4/4 - Universe Or Multiverse

  • Wanted: volunteers to spend life on Mars

    17 May 2013 ( #Miscellaneous, #Videos )

    Source: Reuters, The Guardian Tuesday 23 April 2013 Speaking in New York, the CEO of Mars One, Bas Lansdorp, launches a search for volunteers to spend the rest of their lives on Mars. He plans to send four volunteers aged between 18 and 40 years old to...

  • What Einstein Didn't Know - Elegant Universe

    09 May 2013 ( #Miscellaneous, #Videos )

    Elegant Universe - Einstein's Dream I/III Elegant Universe - String Theory II/III Elegant Universe - 11th Dimension III/III

  • Science research: three problems that point to a communications crisis

    05 May 2013 ( #Miscellaneous )

    Retraction is exploding, replicability of research diminishing, and our measure of journal quality is farcical, argues Curt Rice Has the communication of scientific research reached a crisis point? Photograph: Alamy Traditional scientific communication...

  • ܐܠܪ - אלר - اﻟـر

    03 May 2013 ( #Videos, #Meditation )

    Bismi Allahi alrrahmanialrraheemi 1. Alif-lam-ra tilka ayatu alkitabialmubeenu 2. Inna anzalnahu qur-anan AAarabiyyan laAAallakumtaAAqiloona 3. Nahnu naqussu AAalayka ahsana alqasasibima awhayna ilayka hatha alqur-ana wa-inkunta min qablihi lamina alghafileena...

  • Since in order to speak, one must first listen, learn to speak by listening

    04 May 2013 ( #Verbatim )

    Come, come, whoever you are. Wanderer, worshiper, lover of leaving. It doesn't matter. Ours is not a caravan of despair. come, even if you have broken your vows a thousand times. Come, yet again , come , come. [~Mathnawi , I, I627,] That which God said...

  • All Manipulated? Test Your Brain!

    06 May 2013 ( #Miscellaneous, #Videos )

    National Geographic - Test Your Brain: Pay Attention I/III National Geographic - Test Your Brain: Perception II/III National Geographic - Test Your Brain: Memory III/III

  • Neanderthals did not interbreed with humans, scientists find

    17 May 2013 ( #Miscellaneous )

    The genetic traits between humans and Neanderthals are more likely from a shared ancestry rather than interbreeding, a British study has suggested. Their analysis contradicts recent studies that found inter-species mating, known as hybridisation, probably...

  • Reason and divine law

    26 May 2013 ( #Art & Culture, #Videos )

    Highlights from the movie Al-Massir (Destiny), Averroes's speech Averroës, medieval Latin Averrhoës, also called Ibn Rushd, Arabic in full Abū al-Walīd Muḥammad ibn Aḥmad ibn Muḥammad ibn Rushd (born 1126, Córdoba [Spain]—died 1198, Marrakech, Almohad...

  • Five Reasons You Won't Die

    05 May 2013 ( #Miscellaneous )

    by Robert Lanza M.D. Scientist, theoretician and author, 'Biocentrism' We've been taught we're just a collection of cells, and that we die when our bodies wear out. End of story. I've written textbooks showing how cells can be engineered into virtually...


    03 May 2013 ( #Welcome )

    Welcome to all those who look forward to understanding Islam such as it is NOT portrayed NEITHER by the Muslim or non-Muslim pseudo-intellectual detractors driven by the hatred NOR by the proselyte propagators of their semi-true, simplistic, partial and...

  • York Mosque praised for offering EDL protesters tea

    30 May 2013 ( #Magazine )

    28 May 2013 A mosque has been praised for serving tea and biscuits to English Defence League supporters after the far-right group arranged a demonstration there. About six people turned up to protest at the mosque in Bull Lane, York, on Sunday and were...

  • Don't talk to me about Muhammad!

    04 May 2013 ( #Verbatim, #Videos )

    A long time ago, in a land far, far away, there lived an old woman who was carrying a heavy load along the road in the desert. It was a bit difficult for her, but she was managing as best as she could. A young man asked if he could help her with her load,...

  • Burhan Saban - Zvao Bih Te Gospodaru (I Would Call You, My Lord)

    03 May 2013 ( #Meditation, #Videos )

    Translated from Bosnian by Issalian: Sa stijenama, s planinama, zvao bih Te Gospodaru From top of the rocks and mountains, I would call You, my Lord Sa pticama u svitanja, zvao bih Te Gospodaru With birds at dawns, I would call You, my Lord Allah ja Allah...

  • Sami Yusuf - Supplication

    03 May 2013 ( #Videos, #Meditation )

    Allahumma Salli Alaa Sayideena Muhammadin an-Nabiyyi al-Ummiyyi Wa Alaa Aalihi Wa Sahbihi Wa Sallim. O my Lord, my sins are like the highest mountain My good deeds are very few, they're like a small pebble I turn to You my heart full of shame, my eyes...

  • Sami Yusuf - No Word Is Worthy

    03 May 2013 ( #Videos, #Meditation )

    No Word Is Worthy (ENGLISH) Searched for the words To describe your beauty No matter how I tried No word seemed worthy Struggled to find The right words for You Words just fail to describe What’s deep inside Subhan Allah, Wa alhamdulillah, la illaha il...

  • Sami Yusuf - Munajat

    03 May 2013 ( #Videos, #Meditation )

    The Arabic word munajat is derived either from yunaji or najawa means "talking in secret." Besides, the word najawa itself is rooted from najah, meaning "deliverance" or "salvation." Hence, in the technical term of the poetry, the word munajat offers...

  • Examples of Islamic calligraphy

    05 May 2013 ( #Art & Culture )

  • FREE ENERGY - something science has ignored, but not the military

    07 May 2013 ( #Miscellaneous, #Videos )

    Discovery Channel Documentary More about Tesla: New Voyage Communications

  • What Do We Really Know About Reality?

    09 May 2013 ( #Miscellaneous, #Videos )

    Quantum Edition (2006) Quantum Edition (2006)

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